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Friday, November 7, 2008

eliminate h8 on nov 8

This was the night before THE EQUAL RIGHTS MARCH, on 6th and Laurel, at the Balboa Park main entrance. And it pretty much consisted of 100 to 200 people gathered with alot on their mind, peacefully conversing and wearing shirts or holding signs that expressed their main concern which was the passing of PROP8. And of course "that asshole" that you tend to see at every protest that ignorantly screams "Burn Down the Mormon Church!" and in this case 3 young boys in white button ups and black ties happend to be really upset. I would've hoped they were just trying to resmble reservoir dogs but, no they were 3 little mormon tattle tales hangin by the cops telling on everyone for doing nothing. We were just expressing ourselves, and what can ya do when freedom of speech is one of the most powerful possesions of the American culture. Suck it up guys, oh and use your money for something more progressive or maybe even productive.