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Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm having double vision. Fell in love this song in an early mixtape by THEGASLAMP KILLER and now thanks to Nelson "Nothin Less" I fell in love with a song by PHANTOGRAM called "When I'm Small" involving a similar riff check ittt

Phantogram WhenImSmall by ajs098

Patrick Nagel

If these look familiar its because while getting your hair did or your nails done these were the reminiscents of the salon walls you stared at while waiting for your nails to dry, Patrick NAGEL an American artist made clip art of the simple grace and beauty of the female form, here are a few of his pieces as well as a few from his spread for playboy.
Patrick Nagel (November 25, 1945 – February 4, 1984)
Courtesy of wiki

Edgy Wedgy

FOREVER 21 EDGY STUDDED WEDGES marked at $27.80 are a steal, I have yet to try them on but i'm already sold, seeing them in person the height and cut are perfection!
Courtesy of FOREVER 21