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Sunday, July 19, 2009

theophilus london

this mixtape is crazy good
track two using kraftwerk computer love, then track three transitioning to whitney houston.
the bees knees, check it out.

click "play full song here"

you can download the rest here

poke her face

i love this

MIKA MIKO @ the smell

not a liquor store in sight i needed cigarettes FAST. me and gary found a cigar shop, after walking around for ev er. sitting outside was the future mayor of los angeles, so he says.
he also asked if we'd like some pistachios, aka RICH MANS NUTS. we passed.
first to play was the widow babys, with an adorable lead voaclist screaming things like "my teeth are bones" at the top of her lungs backed up by, well noise. id have to say i felt like they were just playing the same song on repeat.
next was audacity...

MIKA MIKO = a shit ton of fun. those girls are badass . end of story.

twas hot in der